Thursday, February 17, 2011

Korean TV at it's Finest!

Danny and I have the extreme pleasure of being able to watch Korean television (just kidding).  One thing that we have come to loathe and love at the same time is Korean commercials.  They have a way of being catchy and ridiculous all at the same time.  Here is an example of Danny's favorite commercial for now trying to help us "improve our flow" in the bathroom.  Watch and learn what we get to see everyday...

I especially like how overjoyed the older man is now that he can pee like the best of them.  Now you know if you ever have this problem, Korea is the place with the solutions!  

Here's another favorite commercial selling a scandalously named cell phone...

And a compilation of a few more that get stuck in our head....

Actually when we were on vacation and we could watch English TV, sadly that was one of the highlights of our time away.  It's funny how a simple English commercial can make you feel at home.  Just another day in Korea! ; )

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Toast Sandwiches... Mmmmashisoyo!

Well it is a big day... today, February 15, marks the day that Danny and I have been out of the country for 1 whole year!  It really is crazy to me that it has been a year since we have been in the great land of freedom, Mrka (America as Danny would spell it).  One year ago Danny and I were walking around Seoul feeling overwhelmed with a look of excitement and fear on our faces thinking, "Why did we decide to move to Korea again?"  Here is a picture of us one year ago...
Yes, a lot has happened in a year here in Korea, and yes, we are both better looking that we were then ; ) I can't wait to see what is going to happen in this next year in Krazy Korea so stay tuned.

On this historic date, I want to get on to sharing some more about this land that we live in and one of our favorite parts of Korea... the food.  More specifically, we are going to talk about toast sandwiches.
Danny and I have done our best to discover the delicious food that Korea has to offer but we have found that one of our favorites is one of the simplest foods, toast sandwiches. We have even named our beta fish, Mr. Isaac Toast, after one of Korea's most famous sandwich franchises.  Basically, toast sandwiches are fried egg, almost "breakfast", sandwiches, but once you try them you will see they are so much more.  These pictures were taken at our favorite toast place in Andong where we have gotten to know the "sandwich artists".

First you fry the eggs in the shape of a square... very important.

Then you must toast the bread to that perfect golden, crispy color.

Then the magic of topping the eggs begins.

You can get a variety of toasts from pizza toast to dalkalbi toast to bacon toast to bulgogi toast to the simple but delicious ham toast.

The sauce that tops your toast is key to giving you that perfect flavor... here we have sweet, spicy, and pizza sauce. 

All of these elements come together for a delicious and cheap meal.  Danny and I can usually get 3 or 4 toast sandwiches and a fresh kiwi, strawberry, or pineapple juice for about $9.  I keep telling Danny that our own "Doerksen Toast" place is just what we need to make our millions.  And there you have Toast sandwiches... they are definitely "mashisoyo" (delicious)!