About Us

Dear Reader,
First of all, welcome to our blog!  Thanks for taking time to read (or just look at the pictures... don't worry I shift through the boring stuff too ; ) some of our stories from Korea.  Here's a little more information about us...

Danny and I have been married since January 1st of 2008.  We are originally from the best state in the US, Colorado (Woop, WOOP!), and miss it and our friends and family back home, dearly.  When we got married, Danny was working at a Christian kids camp, Camp Elim, and I was keeping busy doing photography stuff (www.katydoerksen.com) and working at a little pizza place in the Springs.  We both had a huge desire to travel and so as we were looking into different job opportunities we thought, "Hey, maybe we should look into teaching English!" and that is what brought us to Korea.  Our main goal in living in Korea wasn't the teaching, really, but more the experiences and the traveling that we would get to do because we were teaching.

Hopefully, one thing you can see from our blog is that we love to have new experiences and adventures together.  Being from Colorado, we both have a love of the outdoors and mountains.  Danny is a hilarious, genuine, and great looking guy (if I do say so myself) who is literally my favorite person on Earth.  He plays the harmonica, can't eat raw apples, and his favorite kind of cookie is a "big cookie".  I, Katy, like the simple things in life... good food, summer, cute babies, vacation, and Arnold Palmers (half iced tea, half lemonade).  We love God, our family, our friends and although Korea is great, one day we home to make our home back in Colorado.

Danny and I love each other a LOT and it has truly been a blast having this adventure together.  I'm not going to lie and say that we haven't had any hard time, or homesick days, or days where I was literally checking how much plane tickets cost so I could fly home the next day, but the memories we have made and the things we have learned have all been well worth it.  And our adventure isn't over yet!

My advice, if you are looking into moving abroad, or if you are into living life is just have fun with it!  Life is too short to get stuck in a job or a situation that you just "put up with" so take a chance and just see what might happen.  As a wise and handsome man (Danny) said once, "You know, this experience could suck or it could be great, but we'll never know until we do it.  And either way we will walk away being better for it."  Enjoy your life, live it up, say "YES!" to some crazy experiences and you won't be sorry!

We hope you enjoy the blog!

~ Danny and Katy