Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Goodbye Korea, Hello America!

After two years of this crazy adventure, Danny and I are finally heading home.  I have more to share in the future of our adventure, so this won't be the last you hear from us, but for now we're saying goodbye!  Goodbye to Korea, goodbye to Andong, goodbye to teaching, goodbye to friends, goodbye to delicious food, goodbye to the craziness, and goodbye to the wonderful people of Korea!  We've had great times and hard times but overall these two years have been awesome.  I know as we get back into the American way there will be a lot about this place that we will miss, but there's no time to be sad when we have another adventure starting!  I hope you all have enjoyed reading about our stories and experiences as much as I have enjoyed writing them.  Take care, and see you from home sweet home, the land of the free, the promiseland, the best country in the... AMERICA!  WOOP WOOP, here we come!

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Vacation and Exciting News... OH YEAH!

In a matter of hours, Danny and I will be leaving for vacation.  Our last class has been taught, our bags are packed, and we are SOOOOO excited to head off to Thailand and Cambodia.  I will update you with some pictures from our trip in the next couple weeks, but for now I want you to know about something awesome happening in Korea.

Dan, Pablo (sorry won't be there) and Georgiana
 Our great friends, Dan and Georgiana Eakins, are in Korea as we speak and will soon be going with us to Thailand and Cambodia!  They are part of a band called the Ineloquent, and they are freakin' awesome.  While we are in Thailand we will hopefully be able to see a Compassion International site in Thailand and meet some awesome kids that they sponsor, but the exciting news that is happening in Korea, is this...

The Ineloquent will be playing a FREE concert at Dongshin Church (for directions click here) in Daegu on February 25th, at 7pm.  It's going to be awesome music, awesome people, and it's FREE... you can't beat that.  Come, bring friends, and enjoy a good time!  Here's a video of them so you can check them out. 

Hope you can make it, and hopefully when you see us there, we will be more tan and more relaxed then you have ever seen us ; )  VACATION, HERE WE COOOOMMMMMEEEEEEEE!!!

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Bike For Sale

Anyone in Andong want to but my bike for 40,000 Won?
It was bought two years ago for 120,000 Won.

And the winners are...

After many wonderful people left interesting and disgusting comments of food they had eaten, Danny and I did a very fair (I promise ; ) drawing of names out of a hat and found our two winners!  Ladies and gentlemen, the two winners of Kimchi for Breakfast's 100th blog post contest are...drum roll....

Seth and Anna Schuett and Chelsea Van Ryn!

Congratulations!  Thank you all for your support and comments to our blog, and even though some of you didn't win, I hope you will continue to read and enjoy our stories from Korea.  It's always encouraging when we hear of you guys reading (and hopefully) liking our blog...really, thank you!

We wanted to try and do something special for post #101 so we've been putting together a little compilation of  stories from Korea.  So many of us who live here have crazy tales and funny memories that we don't want to forget, so Danny and I tried to document some into a little movie for you all.  In a little over a week, Danny and I will have been living in Korea for exactly 2 years, and man do we have a lot of memories!  We did our best to add the funniest and most wacky stories we could so for those of you who live in Korea ~  I bet you can relate ; ) and for those of you who don't ~  this is just a small sampling of Crazy Korea.  ENJOY!

Good times in Korea : )