Monday, May 10, 2010

Heart (or should I say Intestines) and Seoul

You may already be a little worried about this post because of the title of it, but fear not, it's not that gross... or most of it isn't gross. Danny and I went and spent the weekend in Seoul last weekend, and honestly I could probably go back to that city 10 more times to see it all (and eat more food)! It's huge! So we got to Seoul Friday night and started the trip out right... by eating some delicious food. We went to Din Tai Fung, which is actually Chinese, but oh my oh my was it good. We met up with our friend JP who is so awesome to show us around Seoul a little bit and so we went to the busiest shopping area where I made my momma proud and found the only H&M in Korea. The next day I broke down and bought a few things, but let's just say it is good that store is a 3 hour bus ride away!

Now on to the gross part! So Saturday was great filled with a traditional Korean village, more shopping, etc. but as we were walking through Namdaemun Market, we decided to eat some street food for lunch. Most of it was excellent like duckalbee (which is rice cake in a bright red sauce, croquettes (but that isn't the Korean name, I just can't remember it) filled with stir fry pork and vegetables, and hoto ( pronounced "hohtoe" which is the most amazing fried dough thing that looks like a pupusa but is filled with cinnamon and sugar). Then JP brings out the plate of craziness! On the plate we had liver (yuck), pig's lung (eww), and pig intestines stuffed with glass noodles which where soaking in pig's blood(what?!). WOW. Now honestly, I tried them all an they weren't that bad, but often when it comes to some Korean food, it's not that bad, but it's not GOOD either. So why waste the time when I could be eating delicious hoto till I puke?

Now, no more gross stuff... on to the rest of our time in Seoul. So in Namdaemun Market you can find probably anything you could ever imagine from matching guy/girl underwear to a ridiculous amount of shoes. We even saw groups of older women all over the place rummaging through a pile of clothes on the ground as a man was yelling something like "EVERYTHING MUST GO!" or something like that in Korean. Seoul is the place where I have litterally never seen that many people. You feel like nothing because there are thousands of people walking around you at all times!

Caption: "I must have this pink striped sweater!" "Get out of my way, I see khakis that may or may not fit me!" "Maybe I will just stick some of this stuff in my purse and no one will know... haha!"

In the evening we went to the Seoul Tower, which is an awesome place to see. It has an amazing view and apparently it is the place to take a date...rrrRRaarRRR. The highlight, as Danny said, though was being able to pee at a urinal with the best view in the world.

We also saw a sign on the window that told us how far away we were from Denver! 9,927 km or 6,168 miles away from family, friends, Chipotle, Five Guys Burgers, and so much more! Oh how we miss it!
When we got down from the tower, we walked through the crazy shopping area again to get to our bus, and you would litterally be pushing into the backs of people because the streets were so crowded. That didn't stop me from purchasing the tallest swirl cone I had ever seen though. If only more icecream was served to be the height of your face! (I think I must be hungry because most of this blog is about food ; )

The trip concluded with the best experience ever!!!!!! This is where your eyes tear up when you think of the joy that Danny and I went through when we ate supper at a MEXICAN restaurant called Dos Tacos. It was fresh and delicious and all of us on the trip, even the Scottish, gorged themselves on mexican food. We had 2 burritos, 2 orders of chips and salsa, 2 margaritas, 1 quesadilla, and 1 taco and I could have done more. There was avacadoes and sour cream and limes and I'm pretty sure that God created that restaurant just for me!

I wanted to lick the plate but I didn't know how that would go down, so I refrained. Oh Dos Tacos, how I love thee!

We ended up walking out of that place with a proper "food baby" and I wouldn't have had it any other way.
Our trip to Seoul was a sucess and we hope that some of you will come visit us so we can have more excuses to go up there! Today's Korean word for the day: Mashisoyo! (delicious)


  1. I just read this at 3 in the morning. I will temporarily refrain from further comment as I have no real filters at this time of day. Look forward to further comment.

  2. Wow, you had a real adventure in the "Big City" Who would think that they would put the men's bathroom in the best view spot in the city? You might have started hiking to Denver if you hadn't found such a great restaurant to rest your weary tummies. The market sounds fun, and some of the street food, good for you for being willing to try so many new things!
    Love you
    Mom D

  3. LOVE that you found H&M - NICE work!! Mabye we will have to do a San Fran or LA trip or something when you get back to stock up!! :-) ...impressive ice cream cone - I am diggin' that. Totally Mashisoyo!
    Mel, Robb and Bee

  4. i'll be in seoul for a few days starting tomorrow evening!! you should come visit. only...i don't really know my schedule.