Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Durian...the kiss of death.

Danny and were lucky enough to spend 8 days in China for our summer vacation. We spent 4 days in Beijing and 4 days in Shanghai and although we were exhausted by the end, we loved our trip! We will share some more photos of our adventures in future blogs but I thought why not start out with a bang and show you guys a video of me eating durian! That's right! For all of you who know what durian is, you will understand why I do what I do in the video, but if you've never heard of durian, let me enlighten you...

Durian is what I like to call "the devil's fruit". It is a spike covered fruit found mostly in Asia and somehow people thought, "Hey, this fruit is covered in sharp points so whatever is inside must be good!" WRONG!! If you imagine garbage and vomit mixed into a "custard-like" consistensy, you will have durian. It is so smelly that it is even illegal in some public places! (In Singapore you aren't allowed to bring it into public buildings or the subway.) Yet, even after that, somehow there are people who like this disgusting sorry excuse for something edible. Danny and I found it made into pastries at a buffet we went to in Beijing . We decided to try it because we were feeling adventurous so this video is what you get to see from the experience. If you have the chance, you have to try it at least once, but no more because it is horrible. After all that...ENJOY!!

We found the buffet that had the durian pastrie after our bike tour guide suggested it to us and fortunately the rest of the food we had was AMAZING! (This was at the end of our meal so yes, that is a cup of icecream in my hand, and yes I did feel sick at the end of the night.)

Round 1: You can clearly see I am a bit nervous to try the durian pastrie on my plate... however, the pumpkin shaped rice cake was delicious.

Round 2: Danny had to try the pig hoof soup which was ok, but the cream of mushroom soup was fantastic! (Oh yeah, and we had to get the crab legs in honor of our friend Georgi : )
Round 3: REAL sushi rolls, coconut shrimp, coctails, and baked oysters... oh yeah.

Round 4: DESSERT!! So nice you have to say it twice...DESSERT!!! Tiramisu, chocolate fondue, raspberry bread pudding and my absolute favorite: creme brulee. Dessert in Korea isn't very common so let's just say I didn't skimp.

Round 5: DESSERT...again! Chocolate cake, black forest cake, green tea cake, cheesecake...cake.

Needless to say, if you ever go to Beijing, go to the Golden Jaguar Buffet... you may seem some wierd food there, and you may be the only Westerner, but you will thank us in the end!


  1. we miss you SO MUCH!!! now daniel wants us to go on an 'adventure.' apparently the disgusting pastry motivated him in some way! let's have a skype date soon.

  2. Fantastic video! I may be laughing at that all day. You are so adventurous, Katy.