Sunday, November 7, 2010

Dr. Fish Tickles

Now many of are familiar with getting pedicures and exfoliating you feet, but this takes it to a new level. Dr. Fish is one of those experiences that you might say, "only in Asia". I actually think many people might make that "Eeewwwwee" face if they saw this in America. Basically, what you do is you stick your feet in a pool full of little fish and watch as they nibble the dead skin right off. Yeah, that sounds nice right? Right. The funny thing is, though, that if you are even remotely ticklish and the occasional giggle escapes from you when a HUMAN is rubbing your feet, imagine how hundreds of tiny fish feel. Let me show you...

Exibit A: Danny. I knew he makes halarious faces when his feet are being tickled, but the silent scream that came from his mouth as he put his feet in the pool was priceless. Suprisingly, it doesn't hurt to have fish eating skin from your feet, it kind of feels like a mixture between little tiny electric pulses and a massaging machine.
The fish nibble until they find no more skin to eat. I think the funniest feeling is to have little fish swimming in between you toes. Only in Asia.

Exibit B: Dad. His face is also priceless and even though you can't tell, this is his second time doing this! This fun activity was done with my parents when they came out to visit in October (Also my sister, brother-in-law, and adorable nephew Clark Kent came as well). I have many things to share about their trip out here but I thought Dr. Fish would be a good way to start. Koreans are interesting because they like to combine strange things sometimes. Eating dog OBVIOUSLY needs to happen in the summer, taking your shoes off and eating at a restaurant matches perfectly, and flesh eating fish naturally fit with drinking coffee! All you have to do is go to a Coffe Namu in Gangnam, Seoul, order a latte and enjoy a fish pedicure. Perfect! What a way to start your day!

There are actually 2 pools that you can use. There are small fish and then there are the BIG fish. The big fish are about 3-4 inches and they have a stronger nibble for sure (it still doesn't hurt but it does make you more aware that fish are sucking on your toes). My dad said it was best to start small and then go big, but I might say mix and match a bit. Start small, then go big, then go back to small for dessert. The fish will enjoy the feast no matter how you do it.

My feet really did feel smoother when I was done, I got to drink a delicious smoothie, and I got a good laugh from the whole experience, so I might have to insist that America NEEDS to adopt Dr. Fish. No matter what, if you are in Asia, you MUST make this a part of your trip because even though you are leaving a part of your feet behind, you are taking with you some good memories!


  1. oh man! that would be an experience and a half....I'd heard of it before, but didn't actually see it. maybe I'll have to try some day...

  2. Stop. Are you kidding me?! I've heard of this crazy fish/feet thing but never knew anyone who had tried it...I think I would have wet my pants from laughing!!