Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Jeonju... more like FUNju!

This is the official post to say that "Yes, we are alive." It seems as though people (mostly our parents) were worried we had died a horrible death eating some poisonous fish or being captured by North Korea. In fact, we are alive and well and have been in Korea for a little over a week. Here is a quick recap of what has happened so far...

-After staying in Seoul for 2 days we hopped on a bus for our 10 day training at Jeonju University.
-We are living in a college dorm that has 2 twin beds, heated floors, and staying on the 14th floor of a building with an unreliable elevator.
-We have been offered kimchi (fermented cabbage) at EVERY meal so far.
-We are taking 5, hour and a half classes a day to learn how to be great EPIK English teachers.
-We have made friends with some Canadians, Scotts, Englishman, Australians, Americans, and a Korean or two.
-We have never been so cold in our lives... but today was better ; )
-We have taught 9 people to play Farkle.
-We have accidentally eaten congealed duck's blood.
-We have attempted to learn the Korean alphabet.
-We have finally experienced the infamous Korean shower which basically means there is no shower curtain or distinction between it and the rest of the bathroom so EVERYTHING gets wet.

That is some of what has gone on so far, so it has been an eventful week. We really are enjoying this training and learning about how to be teachers. We have become friends with some great people and that makes home not seem so far away. It's fun to talk about the differences in culture and Dad you would be proud that we hang out with a true kilt-wearing Scottsman! This Thursday we find out finally where we will be living and teaching, so we are anxious to see what will happen and what our apartment and hometown will be like. Besides that, things are great and life continues to be interesting and a bit confusing here in Korea. And here's a Korean word for the day so you too can learn with us: sun sang neem = teacher.

Danny on the bus to EPIK training in Jeonju

Danny sitting on the heated floor to warm his freezing bones

Lanterns outside a restaurant in Jeonju

Wearing Korean monkey and grandmother masks...yikes.

Learning to play a Korean drum on a field trip!


  1. LOVED the update! I wish I could dive over and bring you some blankets - that cold, huh? Maybe you will be placed in a city that is a little warmer?? ...or at least in one that has really, really good heaters?! :-) LOVE you guys! Robb and Melissa

  2. Love these updates! What an adventure. Big question: Which mask is the monkey and which is the grandmother? Yikes is right.

  3. So glad to hear you are alive! Was beginning to wonder. Drove by "5 Guys..." this morning and it made me miss you even more. Maybe I will serve Kimchi this week at Bible study in your honor. Or, maybe not. Stay warm!

  4. So good to hear from you and glad you guys started this blog! What a great way to keep in touch and follow the adventure. Thanks for sharing. I thought it was cold in Monument (15 degrees today) - but apparently, that is a heat wave compared to what you guys are experiencing. Good thing your blood is Colorado-ized and not whimpy Southern CA...
    Just got home on Sunday night from a quick trip to Phoenix with Jen as she interviewed at ASU. Good trip, but even the legendary Phoenix sun managed to stay behind some clouds and raindrops while we were there. Did sneak in ANOTHER trip to IKEA and Trader Joe's - what?
    Looking forward to your next post and another Korean word of the day! Love, Aunt Bren

  5. I'm glad you are both having a good time so far. I'll be praying for you as you begin training and teaching but I know it's going to be a great experience and so much fun. Miss you and wish we could have hung out again before you left...the year will go faster than you think! :) take care

  6. I am so happy to know there are lots of blog like this from foreigners sharing their fun in Jeonju.

    Please allow me to share my experiences too. Watch in youtube thanks.