Sunday, February 28, 2010

No More Jeonju University...ANDONG HERE WE COME!

Danny with our friends Monica and Garry from Scotland.

A traditional fan dance from the EPIK closing ceremony.

The view from our dorm room in Jeonju University.

Our orientation and Jeonju University is now over and Danny and I found out where we will finally be living...Andong. The last couple days of the training was a bit crazy because all of a sudden we found out the city we were living in, and what age of students we will be teaching. We are living in Andong, which is supposed to be the cultural capital of Korea. Danny and I are both teaching high school which was a bit of a shock, but also they are both ALL BOYS high schools. WHAT!? Everything just seems like a whirlwind, and we were sad to say goodbye to many of the new friends we had made because everyone was scattered to all corners of Korea.

Our friends Kevin and Nicole from Canada...we had an epic battle with them for which country is better...definitely the US...haha.

We were especially sad to say goodbye to our class leader, Mike, because he went out of his way to make us feel comfortable. We got to know Mike throughout the week and we were excited when we heard he was a Christian. He set up a worship service, so we got to meet other Christians in the EPIK program so hopefully we can keep in touch with them all throughout the year. To summarize: MIKE IS THE MAN and we consider him officially our first native Korean friend...oh yeah. Here's another Korean word for today: mash ee soy yo (delicious)

Right before we got on the bus to Andong, we got a picture with our class leader, Mike.


  1. You guys make me smile! Andong - really?! We wish we could have seen Danny when he found out the is the name of his "home city" for the next year - priceless! Love it! SO glad that you guys are settling in and things are falling into place! We love your updates ... you're in our prayers!
    Love you!
    Robb and Melissa

  2. Katy, I love that you set up a blog. It will be really wonderful to follow your adventures!I ill be praying for you guys! You and Danny are both so much fun I know those boys will adore you! Love, Liz

  3. hi, Dany and Katy
    want to ask you how to get Andong from jeonju?
    There is direct bus from jeonju to andong or vice versa ?
    Do you have the schedule ?

    Thanks.. ^^

  4. Danny and Katy! Hello!^^

    Are you still living in Andong? I just applied to teach at the Christian university there and I'm very curious about the city. Do/did you like it? How was the expat community? Does the public transportation system make for good ease of access? How is getting to places like Seoul, Sokcho, Busan, Daejeon?

    Sorry for all the questions, and thank you so much for your time.^^

    1. Oh goodness. I forgot the most important question... Are/Were you able to attend an English speaking church there? Are their options? I lead worship at my church here in Busan and would very much like to continue to serve in that way if at all possible.