Thursday, March 4, 2010

Livin' the Andong Life

Our days have been full since we got here…mostly with trying to wrap our head around the fact that we live in Korea. Crazy. But, we have been more than lucky, though to end up where we are and let me tell you why…
1. There is a great group of people here, even a few Christians, who have gone out of there way to welcome us. One in particular, Andrew, has made us feel so welcome by taking us on a walking tour to get to know Andong and to his Korean church. We have been able to hang out with them a few nights already and it really has kept us from getting lonely.
2. We have both got good schools to go to…everyone seems really nice, even though we can’t understand anything.(haha)
3. We live about 20 minutes walking distance from downtown where there are…drumroll…a PIZZA HUT, DUNKIN DONUTS, a few coffee shops, a MOVIE THEATER, a bunch of shops, and so much more! (you can tell what I’m excited about right?)
4. We know where the hospital is, just in case…don’t freak out mom.
5. We live above a convenience store that is in fact very convenient.
6. Any I’m sure many other reasons…YEAH!Andong is a great city to be in so just keep that in mind when you think about coming to visit. (wink, wink, nudge, nudge) Another word for the day: Ohl my yeh yo? (How much is it?)

The awesome Andrew, another EPIK teacher from America, giving us newbies a walking tour of Andong.

Yes, you are seeing the delicious delicasies of Andong's market, dried fish in buckets as far as the eye can see!

Another site at the market...maybe we'll have to try cooking a ridiculously large octopus sometime.

Right before we had the most awesome pizza EVER!! It was still Pizza Hut but somehow it just tastes so much better here ; )

Walking around Downtown Andong.


  1. Dried fish? I'd love to try all of that unusual stuff! :)

  2. Korean pizza hut is amazing right?? I miss it! Your blog is so fun! I miss home:( I am glad you and your husband are having an awesome time! I should maybe consider teaching in Korea too!