Saturday, March 20, 2010

A Weekend of Firsts...

This is a weekend of firsts! To start, I am writing this post from the comfort of my own bed...awesome. We finally have internet and it is glorious. The next first that Danny and I experienced was going to the movie theater in Andong for the first time! We went to Lotte Cinema this Friday night to see Alice in Wonderland and it felt like we were almost at home because they had normal movie theaters, popcorn, and everything!

We had to take a picture of the other types of food that they serve in Korean movie theaters. The sign may look like they serve french fries and tortillas (which would already be a funny combination) but no, those pictures are actually fried squid tentacles and sheets of dried fish. YUMMY! Needless to say, we did NOT get those lovely treats but ate some popcorn instead.
Friday night is usually a popular movie night in the states, but in Korea, most people go out drinking or to the no rae bong (karaoke) so the theater was empty. (That is Danny and I and our friend Jennifer in the distance.) The movie was just the same as it would be at home besides the Korean sub titles at the bottom of the screen. It was great to go to see a movie and I think it will be the place to go when I just need to pretend I'm at home.

The third first that Danny and I experienced was...we are now pet owners! We have never owned a pet since we have been married(if you don't count the squirrel that lived in our walls in our apartment in Colorado Springs) and it is very exciting. We bought two fish today and Danny named his fish "Kitty" and I named mine "Chubs". We bought the fish from the nicest lady who owns a pet shop about 2 minutes from our apartment. She helped us get everything we needed and she must have liked us because she gave us a discount at the end of it all. (People are really nice to you when you are a foreigner most of the time, especially when they hear you are an English teacher.) Below: The one on top is Chubs and the one below that is Kitty. They are good looking fish, aren't they?

So we got the fish in their new home and I was so excited I stared at them for about 15 minutes. I think they like the ice bucket they now call their home. Kitty and Chubs now have a plant and teal and blue rocks and a prominent place on our kitchen table. We are really hoping we don't kill them and that we can take them home with us in a year in a jar hanging around our necks like Bob in "What about Bob". It's been an exciting weekend but who knows what can happen at Korean church tomorrow...oh the trilling life we lead! Today's word of the day has to be kum sa hum nee da (thank you) is a very essential thing to know!


  1. Kitty and Chubs are pretty dang awesome! I love all of the "firsts" - how fun! Did you guys like Alice? We saw it last weekend and thought it was a fun lil flick!!
    Robb and Melissa (and the Bee) ;-)

  2. I can tell that Kitty and Chubs will be very spoiled little ones! Seeing the poster advert for food at the movies...makes it seem like you are in a foreign country! Did you try out seats in the theatre to know where the best ones are?!

    Love you
    Momma D