Sunday, April 4, 2010


Kitty-Kat-The Fish

This brief post is in memory of our beloved pet gold fish: Kitty. He was a good fish. He swam like no other and the joy he brought us was unsurpassed.
On Wednesday Katy noticed that he was belly up at the top of the bowl. We quickly changed the water in the tank (ice bucket) in hopes of creating a more oxygenated environment for our friend. This seemed to work and Kitty was back to, what seemed like normal by the end of the night...
...BUT, when I got home from school on Thursday and went to feed our little orange friends I was sad to find that Kitty had in fact bit the dust.
I regret to inform you that Kitty-Kat The Fish joined His fellow comrades in that big toilet bowl in the sky.

We are still not sure of the cause, but I do have some theories. 2 to be exact.
1. The environment we created for Kitty and Chubs was too low in oxygen, thus causing Kitty to die of a lack of oxygen...


2. Kitty passed away due to starvation. Now, I'm not one to point fingers and so I won't name any names, but another, possibly "chubby" gold fish may have been the cause of Kitty's demise. Kitty just never seemed to be able to reach the top of the bowl in time to have His pick of the daily cuisine. Other larger more "bullyish" fish would constantly beat him to the top and gorge Himself...I mean itself on more than It needed.
The investigation into this heinous event is ongoing and i promise to not stop until I get to the bottom of the mystery.


  1. I am so sorry to hear of the death of one who was so special to you and Danny! I am sure that his memory will live in the joy and memories he brought to your lives. Now in the case of the chubbier fellow, may he live long and prosper now that he has the tank all to himself...he may outgrow it!

    Love you in your grief,
    Momma D

  2. Your post cracked us up!! NOT the passing of Kitty - that is not funny at all .. but the way you captured the story...priceless. That lil (or shall we say BIG) Chubs is just too much of a good eater! ;-)

    Robb & Mel

  3. Maybe HE died because you gave HIM a girly name and he died of embarrassment. Sheesh - you should give your fish better names, like Bob or something. What is Korea doing to you people.