Tuesday, April 6, 2010

: ( Sad Face...

Sorry, just a quick post today. I decided that today I would ask for your help: I have been sick for a while (last week I lost my voice for 4 days) and now Danny is sick as well. It is discouraging that this cold won't go away, and it's even harder to teach and try to be energetic so I wanted to ask for you all to send up some prayers that we would get better soon. I thought I would attach this picture with my request because not only am I sad that we are both sick, but I am sad because there is a restaurant called "Mexicana" in Andong that has absolutely nothing to do with Mexican food. It is a fried chicken place and a beacon of lies because it reminds me that I probably won't have chili rellenos for over a year. Mexicana...why do you torment me so?

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  1. You may not be feeling well, but you still make me laugh! When I saw the photo I was so excited for you. Mexican food in the middle of Andong sounds great. Alas. What a cruel hoax. Will continue to pray for healing -- and chili rellenos.