Monday, June 14, 2010

A Model, Idiot.

I hope all of you know where I got this blog's title. The title is not to call all you readers idiots, it is from the movie Zoolander so rest easy and read on. Who knew that Danny and I had to move to another country for our beauty to be appreciated? That's right, Danny and I have officially become models and it has definitely gone to our heads ; ) Actually the whole situation is funny and I still can't believe that our pictures will be on a billboard somewhere in Korea.

So here's what happened: Danny and I are good friends with a guy named Andrew. Andrew was featured in some Andong tourism ads so his picture is found on buses and posters randomly around town, and yes, we do try to tease him as much as possible for that. Andrew recently said that the photographer he knew needed 2 models to do some advertising for Andong apples (which are amazing by the way). So Andrew volunteered Danny and I to do some modeling and the picture above is just a snapshot of the amazing modeling I saw from Danny the whole day... I guess I was ok too.

The photographer wanted to feature 2 white people and a Korean girl so Danny and I said, "Yes, we can be those white people!" and that was that. We spent about 2 hours posing together while holding apples, or pretending to eat apples, or saying "Wow, this Andong apple looks SO delicious!" and I'm not kidding. Above you can see a taste of what the Korean model had to do with her apples, and let's just say she was talented, but if you saw Danny you would go out and buy a truck full of apples right away!

We got the chance to meet some really nice Koreans during our time as models... the woman in green was the photographer's assistant, and the other model was just a college student who got the job randomly. We don't really know what is in store for two out of work models, like Danny and I, but we feel like we are young and our future is promising! It's just hard to be ridiculously, ridiculously good looking, don't you think? (Also from Zoolander)

The modeling day was quite an experience, and especially for Danny I don't think he will forget the end of the day. After finishing the photo shoot (that's what us models call it when they take your picture) we were finally able to enjoy the delicious apples that we only got to pretend to eat. For some of you, you might be thinking, "Why is that a big deal?" and if that is the case then you don't know about Danny's apple phobia. He loves the taste of apples, but the crunch and the sound of an apple gives him the shivers and he just can't get past it. Danny hasn't been able to eat an apple since grade school and after the photo shoot he finally had to break that streak. He couldn't really explain why he couldn't eat the apples so he just had to grin and bare it. He got goosebumps up and down his body and I must say that I took a sort of sick pleasure out of watching him try to eat it. I guess he won't be doing that for a while. Well that was the end of our modeling career for now, but we hope that more opportunities for city buses or even a clothing line might come around! ; ) Today's word of the day: sawgwa ~ apple


  1. I can't stop laughing! Especially envisioning your "sick pleasure" watching Danny eat an apple. I bet those delicious Andong apples would be good with peanut butter. Looking forward to seeing pictures of the billboards.

  2. Wow guys! Impressive! "I hope the people of S. Korea know how ridiculously good looking you two are!" ;-) Crunch, crunch ... yummy apples - - Danny, way to take one for the team! ;-)