Friday, June 11, 2010

A Run-In with the Korean Police!

You may be thinking, "Katy, what have you done?" Well let me tell you a VERY interesting story. Last Thursday I was walking out of my school getting ready to ride my bike home from school as usual and suddenly I saw that my bike was no longer there! I came to find that it wasn't some elaborate prank by Danny, but indeed my bike had been stolen. : ( I was extremely bummed and really didn't know what to do since I had never had anything stolen from me before. Danny and I decided that we would have to buy a new bike since I couldn't really walk to school the rest of the year, so I was even more bummed that I would have to waste that money.

I started praying for a miracle. I prayed that somehow I would get my bike back or find it somehow but I knew that I would probably have to eventually buy a new bike. The rest of the week I looked around Andong at all the bikes people were riding in an effort to find my bike but it wasn't successful. I resolved to the fact that my awesome purple and black cruiser was gone when Danny and I were walking home from downtown the next Tuesday and Danny stopped all of a sudden. He had seen something very interesting: a boy sitting on MY BIKE! Danny went up to the boy and started asking where he got that bike. The boy couldn't really speak English but after some broken conversation he said that it was his and he was okay with us calling the police to figure it all out. We were prepared that the bike issue might be difficult to figure out if this boy had in fact bought the bike from somebody without knowing it was stolen but that would have been another problem all together. Then all of a sudden the boy made an excuse that he had to drop off a sweater at home and said he would be back in 3 minutes. He left the bike with Danny and I and walked away so we began to wait and see if he would ever come back.

My Coteacher came to our aid and called the police so we could make sure that everything would work out and needless to say, the boy never came back. The police concluded that the boy probably did steal it and made an easy getaway so as not to get in trouble but the final conclusion was... I GOT MY BIKE BACK! I know it was definitely an answer to prayer and I along with my friends and my school still can't believe it! What a funny turn of events. Just another day in Andong!

The police officers were so kind to pose for a picture with me... JUSTICE IS MINE!!!! (Wow his vest is shiny! ; )

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