Monday, December 6, 2010

It's a Korean Thanksgiving!

This year, because we were away for Thanksgiving, I got it in my head that we should host a large Thanksgiving potluck in Andong. Danny laughed at me because of it, but I thought I would rather have a feast with a bunch of people then no feast at all. So the plan was to invite all the foreign teacher's we knew and have them each bring something and eat...and eat some more. Danny decided to make mashed potatoes for his contribution. I wanted to take this picture because doing anything on the ground is now called "Korean style". So you can see Danny was mashing these potatoes full on "Korean style"... I don't know if that is because we don't have counter space or because he is turning into a Korean. : )
I made grilled pork loin, which if I do say so myself, was delicious. I should have taken an after picture because raw meat isn't quite as appetizing, but oh well, you can imagine. Garlic, spices, garlic...mmmmm.
We hosted the party at our church in a random room. The church was so nice to let us have it there because when I entertained the idea of 20+ people coming to our tiny apartment, I knew that was a bad idea. Below is a picture of our friends Paul and Jennifer who also are in our Bible study:
We had a lot of space and tables so we can get a decent spread. I was really impressed by how much people brought. Here's some of the rare finds that I never expected: deviled eggs, baked ziti, macaroni and cheese, hummus, caprese salad, and pumpkin pie AND whipped cream. (Just a side note that whipped cream is really rare to get because a can of RediWhip is about $14 a can... not exactly affordable) I was surprised that I went for maybe 3 helpings of hummus and 2 slices of pumpkin pie. Oh yeah, I was full.
Danny got a lot... and then went back for more.
We had about 38 foreigners at the dinner and somehow we still didn't run out of food!
This is the after picture of Danny and our friends Seth and Anna:
(I see a food baby in there Danny!)
One thing that I did (that was maybe kinda nerdy but I didn't care) was do Thanksgiving trivia, sort of like a pub quiz. I think I might carry on this tradition because I thought it was great! There were a few random rounds, a fish or fowl round, and "finish this song round". Overall, I thought it was fun to celebrate Thanksgiving with some other Americans and nonAmericans. (And we also got a can of whipped cream out of the deal so that was AWESOME!) Being away for the holidays can be kinda sad, but I am determined to have make some fun Korean holiday memories. Christmas, here we come!


  1. It's not the same without you guys here. We miss you.
    Robb, Melissa and little Lily

  2. To piggy-back on the words of my husband...we miss you guys so much. The list is started and restaurants in Denver await our journey into food heaven!