Sunday, December 26, 2010

Some Big News!

I guess I should get straight to the point: Danny and I have some big news... on Christmas Eve we accepted another year-long position teaching English here in Korea! (Haha, I bet a lot of you thought I was pregnant, didn't you? Sorry!) Yeah, I know... what are we thinking? Well let me explain our thoughts and hopefully it will help put you, and Danny and I, more at ease because we are still not sure what we got ourselves into.

Christmas Eve we accepted jobs teaching at Andong National University. We will no longer be at our boys high schools but instead teaching different students at a place called the English Village. Basically it is an intensive English program that students will come to for 4 days and learn English in a kind of "camp setting". We aren't really sure of all the details but we know that we will teach different students every week (also like camp), and my favorite part, we will only have 4 day work weeks! Oh yeah! (I find it ironic that we left jobs at a camp to come to Korea and get into another camp setting... God has a sense of humor I think ; )
Again, Danny and I have mixed feeling about this next year. We are excited about the possibility of being able to travel more, save more money, and spend more time in this carefree lifestyle, but of course we miss our friends and family. Especially during the holidays it is hard to be away, so I know that it will be even harder to be away for another year, but we feel like this is the right thing to do, so here we are! I hope this next year we will have more visitors (wink, wink) to help us not feel so far away from home. ; ) Just a thought. Anyways, I'll share more info about this crazy decision in the future, but for now we are excited to see where God takes us in this next adventure.
I thought I would just add some random pictures onto this post to give you a little glimpse of things that we will be seeing for ANOTHER year. Good times in Krazy Korea!
Here's a traditional looking mask that we see often being in the city that holds the annual Mask Dance Festival
The cutest harmony's (grandmothers) ever playing the Korean game Yunnori.
Koreans love to get decked out to go hiking... fashion is important even on a mountain!
The cutest Korean harl-a-boji (grandpas) playing Chang-gi (Korean chess) by a park. You can tell I have a thing for the old people here... I just think they are so cute!
Lotus lanterns at a temple.
A lady making tdeok (Korean rice cake). She's got to have some awesome arms muscles to do that!
A Korean symbol shaped like a bird that is everywhere that is supposed to protect the village or house.
Koreans are the masters of side dishes!
Barefoot is not just a comfortable thing here, it is a requirement in many places.
We'll definitely be seeing a lot more of this: a view of the river from a bridge in Andong.
Again, for a shameless plug, you too could see all of these wonderful sites and more when you come to visit us! Oh yeah! To conclude all of this, I think the lesson I am learning in life right now is that things never really turn out the way you think they are going to. Who knew that Danny and I would live in Korea for 1 year, let alone 2! I guess you and we will just have wait to see what other adventures are in store for us here in Andong! Until then, have a very Happy New Year and don't forget us!


  1. Okay, I admit it. The pregnancy thing was the first idea to come to my mind. I am excited for you guys and looking forward to hearing another year of vignettes from your adventures. (Maybe a little selfishly disappointed too!) Congratulations on having the decision made. Does that mean you will be working together?

  2. I was so happy to hear from Sara that you two had decided to stay on for another year ;) South Korea needs some amazing people here (not that they don't have some already) and you two are pretty much the most amazing ^^
    Here is to another year! I hope it is the best and that you two have a BLAST teaching the kids at the English Village!

  3. This sounds very exciting! I'm happy for you. I say, you gotta do it while you can! (like, before you get pregnant) :)

  4. sad. but, excited for all the new experiences you guys will have! i really hope that we can come visit. SERIOUSLY. daniel thinks you made this decision because we couldn't go on vacation with you and you are angry. i tried to tell him the truth...but, he would not listen. i guess we will have to have a skype date to settle it all in 'person.' love you guys!!!