Friday, September 30, 2011

We are a bit obsessed...

 As many of you know, Danny and I got to go to Colorado for a little over 2 weeks and it was AWESOME! We saw lots of friends and family and it truly was just what we needed!  I will get to all the amazing adventures we had next time, but for now I want to talk about something that we spent a lot of time doing in Colorado...EATING!  The food was the third thing on our list that we were looking forward to enjoying (after 1.Family, 2. Friends), and boy did we enjoy it! Can you guess how much weight we gained?  Let's see if you can guess the right amount after you see all the things we ate.

I first have to refresh you on what we usually eat.  Although I LOVE Korean food, I was smiling so big in this picture because I knew that I didn't have to eat rice for 2 weeks!  The whole way on the plane I was dreaming about pizza and hamburgers and hummus and all the amazing things I knew I was going to eat, and BOY did we EAT!

The start to our eating adventure was Texas Roadhouse.  We thought long and hard about where we would go as soon as we landed, and Texas Roadhouse with their rolls, and side dishes, and BEEF seemed like the right choice.  This may sound crazy to you, but Danny and I even went as far as looking the menu up online and memorizing our order so we wouldn't have to waste any time...get us our FOOD! We got chili cheese fries, a baby onion blossom, ribs, pulled pork, steak, beer, baked beans, and a big stomach ache from eating so much, but oh it was soooo worth it! Mmmmmm...

  Next we had Mexican food... margaritas, tacos, burritos, enchiladas, and my personal favorite... chile rellenos.

Then came the sandwiches, OH THE SANDWICHES!  I think that this is something I miss the most and Jimmy John's was a great place to go to get our sandwich fix.  Italian Vito sandwich on a fresh roll...heaven.

On to the next meal, my friends... and where did we go, you might ask!?  The burrito "promise land": Chipotle.  I seriously think it might have illegal if we didn't go to this Colorado staple because it is such a huge part of our day dreams.  

Danny and his friend Robb just stood and looked at the sign in a moment of silence ; ) It was such a moving moment for us all.  Fresh steamed tortilla filled with whatever you want!? Yes please, and may I have 2?!  Most Koreans have never had Mexican food so a proper burrito is basically out of the question and don't even get me started on the salsa, or lack of, situation we've got going on here! I just need you to understand that those of you who have the privilege of getting Chipotle whenever you want, that is not something to be taken for granted... it is truly a blessing, cherish it. (Single tear.)... Anyways, after that rant, basically all I'm trying to say, is it WAS AWESOME!

One lovely evening I got to enjoy a gyro and that took me to a new place.  I think we miss the variety and all the choices of types of food you can enjoy in America the most, and being able to go to an actual Greek restaurant was truly a treat.

Then came the feast of ALL feasts... The 2011 Seafood Soiree.  We started a tradition with some friends of ours to get together and make a seafood feast and we actually got to do it this year.  Two rules of the Soiree...1. No kids allowed. and 2.  Make a ridiculous amount of seafood... that's it.

 We grilled tuna steaks and crab legs, made a seafood boil, baked stuff scallops, and had things that we never get like good bread, asparagus, pesto, and good corn!  That was truly a meal that I won't forget.

Another unique meal was thanks to my sister and brother-in-law.  We went to a place that does classic American fare and got to try something I had never had before...  deep fried Oreos.  Although I have heard of their existence, are something that I had never partaken in and thanks to Abby and Albert, I got to try them!  It didn't hurt that we also got to have awesome Philly steak sandwiches, onion rings, and tater tots to go along with the sweet ending so I definitely counted that as another successful meal.

I'm pretty sure you are thinking by now, "Seriously, there's more?!"  And to that, I would ask you, "Do you know us at all!?"  Of course there's more!

We had hot dogs and beer at a Colorado Rockies game...

We had our favorite pizza in the world, Borriello Brothers: canadian bacon and red onion...

We ate Old Chicago's Italian nachos...

We ate amazing biscuits and gravy thanks to our friends Matt and Johanna...

And last, probably one of my absolute favorites... Five Guys Burgers and Fries...

Like I've said before, beef in Korea is CRAZY expensive so we rarely eat beef, let alone amazing burgers.  However, when we walked up to the counter and I saw literally 20 different choices I had to put on my burger, I just about broke down crying.  Basically I've decided that if anyone ever needed to buy me off, give me a Five Guys burger (oh and maybe some cajun fries) and I will basically do anything for you : )

Well, after all of that, I think you all have realized that Danny and I LOVE food, and our wonderful trip to Colorado allowed us to eat a lot of our favorites.  The final total of weight gained due to all that food was...drum roll...

Danny ~ 12 pounds
Katy ~ 6 pounds

... in 2 weeks...yikes

God invented food to be enjoyed, and I fully intend to do my duty and eat and enjoy life as much as possible!  I just hope all of you who live in America and have amazing foods at your disposal don't forget how lucky you are and do the same!  God bless America and we already miss you all!  See you in 5 months!

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