Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Colorado is Beautiful...as ALWAYS!

As you may know, Danny and I recently spent time at home in Colorado and we are happy to report that Colorado is still just as beautiful as it always was!  Danny and I hadn't been home for 1 and a 1/2 years so we wondered if the best state in the US (I'm not bias or anything) had changed as well since so much has changed in the people in our lives.  I already shared the amazing foods that we got to have while at home, but I want to share the other highlights of our trip.  Here's a Top 10 list (in no particular order) of the highlights of Colorado...

10. Seeing our family!  Being able to hug and talk to our family face to face instead of over Skype was priceless.  We have missed them so much and can't wait till we live within miles from them and not over 6,000 miles.

The Doerksen Family (minus a few)

The Wilson Family (minus one)

9.  Driving a car!  Danny and I only use public transportation in Korea, and although it is great, being able to just hop in a car and drive to your destination quickly was amazing.  We were worried that we had forgotten what it was like to drive, but after only one scare of Danny merging quite akwardly, it was like riding a bike.  Thanks, Grandpa Wilson, for the use of your Pilot... it's hard to go back to buses, trains, taxis and bikes after such a great time in that car!

Driving was a little nerve-racking at times :)
Danny also got to do a motorcycle ride with the Doerksen boys, which I know was one of his driving, or riding, highlights.  I'm sure they got in trouble, knowing those guys, but riding all through the Rocky Mountains, I'm sure, was pretty spectacular.

8.  Going to the Wilson Ranch!

Danny always makes fun of me when I talk about the Ranch because he says I talk it up so much that he feels like there should be unicorns running around and everything should be made of candy : )  There are no unicorns, but I do think it is my favorite place to be in all the world.  The Wilson Ranch sits on a cattle ranch in Gypsum, Colorado and I think it is just gorgeous.  You can just rest, relax, play outside, and watch the unicorns roam... haha, just kidding, they do have horses though!

7.  Spending time with three new babies!  Three babies were born while we've been in Korea so it was amazing to meet them for the first time.  Our neice, Lily, has the cutest smile and a rockin' mullet for a one year old.

Then there is our nephew Clark Kent who is one of the cutest kids who ever lived if I do say so myself.  And last there is our godson, Jude, who is the smiliest baby I have ever been around.  Since we aren't having kids anytime soon, it's nice to get my baby fix from all the cute little-ones running around.

6.  Going to a Colorado Rockies game!  There's nothing that says America like baseball and hotdogs and we got to enjoy both.  On September 11th we got to sit 6 rows from the field and soak up some sun while the Rockies won 4-1.  I even got on the jumbotron dancing, so I considered it a pretty awesome day!

5.  Seeing great friends!  I don't know what I was thinking because we didn't get pictures of all our friends, and we didn't even get to see all the people we wanted but seeing some friends was amazing.  Korea can feel a little lonely at times, but we had no feeling of that while we chillin' in Breckenridge or laughing hysterically or playin' cornhole!  Thanks friends for all the good times... we needed it!

 I was especially excited to see our friends, Daniel and Sarah, before they had their twin boys about two weeks later... congrats to the Byrds!

4.  Seeing some beautiful Colorado scenery!  I am really not joking when I say Colorado is the best state in the US and it's partially because of Garden of the Gods.  Colorado summers are next to heaven and being able to enjoy the outdoors without sweating like a crazy person is soooo nice.  I mean really, could it get any better than Colorado?

3.  Feeling the comfort of home!  Danny and I have both said that there is just something about America that has a sort of "comfort level" that we can't get in Korea.  Maybe it's being able to understand the language?  Maybe it's being able to see and sit on grass?  or Maybe its just because it's where we are supposed to be?  No matter what it is, I guess that's why we call it home : )

2.  Seeing the Stars and Stripes!  Call me patriotic, but live outside the US for a couple years and lets see if you appreciate Mrka even more.  It's just an awesome country, and so every time I saw a flag I just had to say, "God bless AMERICA!"

That's freedom, baby!
1.  Spending time with my travel buddy.  Oh yeah.

Our time in Colorado was just the pick-me-up we needed, and as usual I wouldn't have wanted to spend it with anyone else.  We really loved every minute of the trip, but because of how jam packed it all was, I think we may now need a vacation from our vacation.  Well, thanks Colorado for an amazing trip and see you in 5 months!

Hanging Lake in Glenwood Canyon, CO


  1. soo wish you were here to meet the boys - soon though!!! we love and miss you guys like crazy. and, thanks for the o'doul's - you guys are real friends. :)

  2. Wow, Katie...it looks like your trip was fast and furious, but that you got to do a lot of fun things and see your peeps! Enjoy your last five months out of town!