Friday, October 14, 2011

The Great Facial Hair Experiment

One thing I have always enjoyed about Danny is that he's got a little scruff on his face.  By design, I guess, I have always been someone who likes facial hair and luckily, Danny can have some pretty awesome facial hair!  Most Koreans can't really grow a beard or really any sort of facial "fashion" so often the kids are fascinated by Danny's beard.  The kids will occasionally hold up class for a while because each student wants to have their turn in touching his beard.  Since kids aren't used to facial hair, Danny and I decided to conduct an experiment to see what kids would think of not only Danny with a beard, but Danny with different kinds of facial hair each day!  Thus started the GREAT FACIAL HAIR EXPERIMENT (said with a booming voice and some sort of echo effect)!

Day One:  The Full Beard...

Kids didn't seem to mind all that facial hair so much, and it didn't hurt that some students were in love with him after the first 10 seconds.  Danny has that effect on 5th graders, I guess ; )  We were actually surprised though because often students will say, "Danny teacher, oh dirty face! Shave! Ewww!"  and that is basically a direct quote.

Day Two:  The Goatee...

I guess this one was not such a hit with some of the kids : )

Day Three:  The Moustache or as I like to call it "The Three Musketeer"...

I can't take anything he says seriously when he has a moustache, but I guess he can't really go wrong with these kids.  It's actually almost a daily occurrence for Danny to be called handsome by somebody so I think he will go through withdrawal when we go back to the States because no one is commenting on how good looking he is. (No one besides me of course ; )

Day Four:  The Usual... 

The last day Danny went back to "normal" and the kids seemed to still all favor the beard or goatee in the end.  Maybe it's because they were jealous of Danny's "fur" as they like to call it, or maybe they just don't know what to think about that little patch under his lips, but in the end Danny and I were both very surprised by the results of our experiment.  The U.S. has different terms for Danny's usual facial hair: the flavor saver, the soul patch, or a mouche (apparently), but we are pretty sure that there really isn't any term in Korean for this stylish facial hair choice.  I think actually it confuses people more then anything, but we like to keep the Koreans on their toes ; ) 

Now don't worry, you too can become a scientist like us by doing your own experiment, I just hope that you are a boy if you are going to explore the wonderful world of facial hair : ) And if anyone is reading this and wants to publish our findings in some sort of scientific journal, call my people and we'll make some sort of (profitable) arrangement.  Good times in Korea!


  1. What a fun post. Love the videos. I hope your English skills return after speaking so slowly and carefully to your students!

  2. Oh man if only you had gone for the final stage of the experiment- the moustache sans soul patch! Still loved it for the sake of science.