Wednesday, November 9, 2011

The "Corn Things"...yum

The title of this post may be a little strange sounding, and even though the upcoming information may not be life changing, I feel compelled to share it anyways. 

The "corn things" stand... in Korean it really says
"Daeli and Daeli" but we like "corn things" better.

I want to take this time to tell you about the "corn things".  Now, of course that is not their official name, but Danny and I have dubbed them the "corn things" and we can't change now. (Partly because I still don't know what they are actually called.)  The "corn things" are delicious sweet bread filled with custard and are baked in the shape of little ears of corn.

I don't think they are made with corn or really have anything to do with corn but there you go.  The "corn things" are one of the reasons why we enjoy going to Daegu so much.  Of course we love to see good friends and eat western food while we are in Daegu, but everytime we walk down the stairs to the Dong Daegu subway stop, I breathe in the delicious air of the "corn things."  Here is a video to show you what they are like...

The "corn things" cost about $2.50 and they are the perfect subway treat.  You bite into a fresh "corn thing" and in the center you find hot, delicious "shu cream" or custard in the middle. 

The delicious custard filled center...mmmmmm.

Danny and I always say that is one snack that we will really miss from Korea when we leave, which makes me consider jumping over the counter at the stand and stealing their "corn thing" making contraption.  Well now you know if you are ever walking through the subway in Korea and get a wiff of an addicting sweet smell, make sure you stop and get a bag of "corn things"! Mashisoyo!

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