Friday, November 11, 2011

Happy Pepero Day! 11-11-11

Today is November 11, 2011 or Pepero Day so let's celebrate!

Every November 11th, Koreans celebrate Pepero Day and since this year it is 11-11-11, it is a very special day that won't come again in our lifetimes!

Pepero are basically chocolate covered bread sticks that are a common sweet snack for Koreans. The only real association they have to November 11th is that they look like ones if you hold them next to each other, however somehow they made giving them away a national holiday.

Kids and couples will buy a ton of these treats and give them to friends, teachers, and significant others.  I saw these cute girls walking down the street with a ton of Pepero that they had collected from school and they were sweet enough to share and give me a box.

I heard this year that some schools banned Pepero from their schools because kids get so crazy, but even still, I saw everyone walking around with Pepero today.

A Pepero display at a local shop.
Maybe you are in Korea, or maybe your not, but either way go get yourself some Pepero and share some with a loved one!  I must admit though that us waygookins will have an easier time being in Korea, but your Mrkans probably can go get some Olive Garden bread sticks and melted chocolate and I'm sure you get about the same result ;)


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