Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Koreans: Always Entertaining

Danny and I have learned that Korean people have definitely adopted the saying, "Go big or go home!"  When Koreans decide to do something they go for with everything they've got.  Two examples that we experienced this week were right here on Andong University's campus.

Me posing with the election mascot.

This week, Danny and I were unassumingly walking to work when we noticed a large group of Koreans wearing matching jackets dancing around.  Although flash mobs are one of my favorite things, I realized that this wasn't a spur of the moment dance but that it was strictly to promote student elections.  In my university when people ran for student body they maybe attached their name to a lollipop and handed out fliers that said, "Vote for so and so", but here in Korea that isn't enough.

Elections here involve extreme chants, organized dances, sashes and professional grade campaigning.  Each candidate must want it pretty bad if they put this much work into trying to become president, but honestly I think Koreans will take any chance to show off their K-Pop (Korean pop music) skills : )

Another entertaining experience had to do with our boss' birthday.  The other Andong English Village teachers and I decided to get Rachel some flowers for her birthday and again it was "go big or go home"!  After doing some miming and humming of "Happy Birthday", we got the florist to understand that we wanted to buy a bouquet.  As she set out to make our bunch of flowers we didn't realize that we were in for an event.  The woman began grouping the flowers together, but it didn't stop at a simple bouquet.  First she got the flowers together... then she added some white fringe to make it fancy, but WAIT, THERE'S MORE!  Then came some ridiculous pink lace, green wrappings, and finally a huge bow that could have also been found on a brand new car that also would have been given as a gift.  After 15 minutes of hard work, what a masterpiece it was!

Dun, dun, dun, DA!

I felt like I was could have been leading the Rose Bowl parade with that bouquet, but again that is just how it is done here in Korea.  Danny and I would consider our style as more simplistic, which usually doesn't match up with the Korean way with their crazy wallpaper and their party trains and their floral print clothing, but as always Korea keeps us entertained!  Good times in Krazy Korea!

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