Sunday, April 17, 2011

Beware of Fan Death!

As spring finally is here, I have to warn you about a very serious problem that is approaching... fan death.  Yes, that's right, you heard me... now say it again in a serious and scary voice...FAN DEATH.  Now you might be asking "What is fan death?".  You are in luck because never fear, I am here to warn you about a horrible and painful fan death that may get you before you know what hit you! 

Fan death is a serious and dangerous problem in Korea. (I tried to type that without laughing, I really did!; ) As the weather gets warmer, it becomes necessary to use air conditioning and fans, and with that comes fan death.  It is believed here in Krazy Korea that if you turn on the air conditioning or a fan without opening a window, you WILL suffocate.  The air cycles and doesn't ever get replenished so eventually you will die from lack of oxygen... dun, Dun, DUN. 

Danny and I started to notice at our schools that Koreans would open the window as soon as the air con was turned on and that was when we were introduced to fan death.  Now some might think, "Aren't you wasting perfectly good cold air by letting all that hot air in?" but you can't be too careful when it comes to breathing.  Danny said that growing up when he would leave a door or window open in the summer, Papa D (his Dad) would say, "Were you born in a barn?" but if you don't open the window the Koreans say, "What, do you want to die?!"

Apparently, the news reports at least a few fan deaths each year so that keeps all the Koreans nice and afraid and wasting air conditioning everywhere.  Danny and I personally risk death every night in the hotter spring and summer because we like to live on the edge, but BEWARE and be CAREFUL of all the air conditioners and fans that surround you... they could be silent killers.

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  1. You two are such rebels, what with your motorcycle gang and now all exposure to fan death. Whew! Good thing we only have a swamp cooler that requires our windows to be open.