Monday, April 11, 2011

Danny's Birthday Extravaganza in Gyeongju!

My Buddy and favorite person had his 28th birthday this past Monday.  Who knew that we would be spending not one but TWO birthdays in this foreign land called Korea?  So because I am VERY glad that Danny was born, I decided that we had to celebrate with a proper Birthday EXTRAVAGANZA Weekend, and boy did we!

This past weekend had some birthday fun in Gyeongju, which is about a 2 hour train ride from Andong.  We went out to the resort-type area near Bomun Lake which is a big tourist area in Gyeongju.  Unfortunately all the cherry blossoms weren't quite blossoming yet but there were a few and it was a great place to go either way.  I like Bomun Lake because it makes you feel like you are really getting away for a fun vacation weekend and there is a lot of fun things to do. 

We stayed with our friends Greg and Gabi in a "love motel" called Hotel Valentine because it was much cheaper than the high end resorts that surround the lake.  Even though we knew we were in Korea and it was extremely unlikely, ney...IMPOSSIBLE, that our hotel would have a breakfast buffet, Danny, Greg, Gabi and I found ourselves dreaming about bacon and eggs and pancakes on Saturday morning.  We were resigned to eating granola bars from a convenience store when we stumbled upon manna from heaven... The Hilton breakfast buffet!  Yes, it was $24 a person but who can put a price on a delicious birthday breakfast? (Yes, I know that I just did put a price on it ; ) 

What can we say... When it's breakfast time, it's Hilton TIME!  We walked around with drooling mouths, filling our plates with fresh fruit, french toast, REAL bacon and sausage, eggs, and soooo much more.  Of course in a Korean hotel buffet you will still find kimchi, weird salads, and fermented stuff but DON'T WORRY we steared clear of all of it.  After an hour, our bellies were about to burst and it was on to the next adventure!

After breakfast we walked down to the lake and discovered one of the best kept secrets of Gyeongju... renting mini motorcycles!  This could be my new favorite thing to do.  How can you not laugh at grown adults putting around on "Dumb and Dumber-style" motorcycles?  You pay about $10 for one of the funnest hours of your life... seriously.
Our first biker gang.
Danny and I even liked it so much that when our other awesome friends Seth, Anna, Pam and Josh came to hang out with us later that day, we went for round #2 and played motorcycle tag.  It was rather exciting/ (maybe) dangerous but we survived and felter tougher because of it.

"Bad Ass Mama" trying to tag me!
Our second biker gang... man we look tough.
Of course you need to pick tough biker names when you ride around on a sweet hog so you can be an official biker gang.  I was "Pine Cone Crusher" (said in a very angry, loud voice) and Danny was "Sir..." (said in a hesitant way...Danny was trying to be Sir "Tough Guy" or Sir "Something or Other" but he couldn't think of what else to say so he just ended up with "Sir..." ; )

In Gyeongju you can also rent kid-sized remote control cars that the adults control.  I don't know who has more fun, the dads or the kids, but I definitely know that I hope to be as cool as this girl one day : )

After laughing a ton we finally finished our biker gang adventure and headed to a birthday dinner.  The dinner wasn't anything to write home about but I must say that the birthday cake was something to remember.  I present BACON Better than Sex Cake (yes that is the real name) but I think I will rename it to either Bacon then Sex Cake OR Better than Sexy Bacon Cake... both sound delicious to me.  Basically it is chocolate cake soaked with sweetened condensed milk and then covered in a layer of peanut butter (OH YEAH) and then fresh whipped cream (MMMMmmmmm).  Then to finish it all off you crumble up some delicious BACON (I can hear the oooo's and ahhhh's now) and sprinkle on top...YUM!

I was really proud because it all turned out even though I steamed one half in a pot and "baked" the other half in a Croc Pot. (I have to be creative now with NO oven.)  And the best part was Danny said it was the best cake he ever had! AWESOME.

Overall it was a GREAT weekend and we hope to go back again and play "motorcycle polo" or ride around Korea some more trying to scare the locals!  Gyeongju + mini motorcycles = EXTRAVAGANZA.

P.S. Here were just a few of the first spring blooms that we saw which is exciting.  It is starting to get a little warmer, and let me tell you I can't wait for Korea's winter to be OVER!  Also if you are ever in Gyeongju there is a cute little restuarant near Bomun Lake called Titi Caca... yes a ridiculous name but the have decent hamburgers and great chicken strips and fries.  Go check them out! : )

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