Saturday, April 23, 2011

Gross but True... A story of Katy and her gall stones.

Now this isn't my normal kind of post, but I just thought it was so interesting that I had to share it...

So some of you know that I, Katy, have been suffering gall stone attacks for the past couple years.  Occasionally I get a severe pains in the gall bladder region due to these stones so I finally decided to do something about it.  I wanted to try to get rid of my stones naturally (even though most people suggest surgery) and I have been reading about different ways online so this week I decided to DO IT!  I had no idea if it would work at all and honestly I more lingered on the side of it not working, but I thought, "What the heck!" and so the past week I have been doing a "Natural Gall Bladder Cleanse".

I won't go into specifics (but if you suffer with gall stones, give me a shout and I will tell you more) (and also I hope this doesn't gross anyone out ; ) but I will basically lay out what this cleanse looks like.  For the past week I have been eating noting but 6 apples a day and a small salad at night.  This is supposed to "loosen" the stones and get then ready to pass.  Then on the last day I only ate two apples in the morning, then drank 2 cups of salt water (yuck... oh my goodness... yuck) and then proceeded to drink about 2 cups of fresh lemon juice and olive oil mixed (another big YUCK).  Now you might be saying, "This sounds like a disgusting thing that someone would dare someone to drink!" but I found many websites with various versions of this recipe.  THEN after all of those "lovely" beverages, I was supposed to go to bed laying on my right side.

Not feeling that anything was happening, I began to wonder last night if I put myself through drinking some not  great-tasting drinks, and missing eating pizza with Danny, and skipping an Easter BBQ for NOTHING!  Never fear though, ladies and gents, because this is a tale of success and not defeat!

I finally woke up this morning and had to use the bathroom.  Now, skipping many details, I basically found that not only had this cleanse WORKED but it worked marvelously!

I am simply AMAZED at how many gall stones I had in my gall bladder!  In the picture there are a lot, but there were probably 50 more small stones that I didn't even save.  Now I know there are many people who laugh at the "natural" way but I just have to say that a week of changing my diet for an empty gall bladder is worth it to me instead of surgery.  That's right, I think the score now is Katy: 1, Gall Bladder: 0. Sucker!

Well now I feel like a new person and ready to face the world gall stone-free!  That is my tale of me and my gall stones and, again, I'm sorry if it grossed you out ; )

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  1. You sure surgery would be worse? 2 cups of salt water? Gag!!!! Were those Andong apples? I've heard they have some great advertising.

  2. WOW!! WOW!!! WOW!!! THAT IS SO COOL! I've never seen gallstones before and had NO IDEA what theylooked like.
    KATY! You had those INSIDE YOU! How painful! I'm so so so so so happy it worked! I wonder why it worked? WOW!

  3. Hi Katy,
    May I ask if you've had any gall bladder problems since?