Sunday, December 11, 2011

Danny's Hotel's no Hilton.

I would say our job at the English Village is unique because we don't have to teach "normal" classes like many other English teachers.  I "normally" teach Yoga class, Bank, and Post Office and Danny gets to teach his own share of subjects: Grocery Store, Math, and Hotel class.   All of Danny's classes are fun (of course they are if you know Danny ;) and can produce interesting products... especially Hotel class.  Danny talks about parts of a hotel and then has students create their own hotel.  We have seen robot hotels, ghost hotels, chicken hotels and much more, but this week students seemed to be especially interested in involving Danny and I in their hotels. 

Here are some of our favorites...

Our lovely family and introducing our sweet children
Damy and Kamy!

Looks like there some lovin' going on by the pool...
and possibly someone might be drowning, we're not sure.

They wanted to make sure that we knew
who was stupid and who was cute... that's right!

I don't quite know what's going on, but I look like I'm rockin'
out on something and Danny has crazy hair.
 Some other hotels that needed "honorable" mentions or just to be shown because they are so ridiculous...

What a great name, right? 

Who wouldn't want to stay at the blood hotel?  It is even complete with a blood pool and a bleeding appliances! Yuck.

Wanna go for a swim? Ewwww.

This receptionist sure looks inviting at the "Kill Hotel"...

What a nice looking guy! Yeah right.

Danny was very impressed that even the lights where people who were hung from the ceiling.  It's really amazing what boys can come up with...

That hotel room is going to take a lot of cleaning up
after those guys get finished bleeding everywhere!

And at last the "Chicken Hotel".  The kids were cracking up with how similar "check-in" counter sounded like "chicken" counter.  Gotta love kids...

I bet you can guess which were made by boys and which were made by sweet innocent girls : ) Kids always keep this place interesting!  I don't know if we've ever had a boring week when it involves crazy Korean children.  We hope these pictures brightened your day and encourages you to look for more interesting places to stay next time you go to a hotel... just stay away from anything with "die" in the name ; ) 

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